Flash Academy Workplace

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There are 9 million workers in the UK with low literacy, limiting their access to work now, and to further training for the jobs of the future.

With over 100+ native languages spoken by the UK workforce, employers face real challenges in delivering sector specific Health & Safety and technical training for these low literacy workers. New Health & Safety legislation requiring employers to demonstrate understanding and engagement presents new challenges, especially when considering that on construction sites, migrant workers are twice as likely to be killed.

The FlashAcademy® Workplace English App helps employers to overcome these challenges with short burst lessons, virtual tutors and engaging games. Employees also learn using the world’s first ‘object translator’ that works by taking a photo of an object and instantly translating that object into a choice of 59 different languages. All learning is tracked on a dashboard, to enable employers to evidence their employees’ understanding and progress, assisting with Health & Safety compliance.

The project is being developed with the support of Make UK, Jaguar Land Rover’s supplier network and BAM Construction. Once proven to be effective with initial pilot companies, FlashAcademy® Workplace will be scaled up nationally, initially in the manufacturing and construction sectors.