Future DomCare

Barking & Dagenham College

Social care workers are the backbone of the social support system for many elderly or infirm people living at home or in sheltered environments.

Whilst they perform a vital service, there is currently no pathway that allows them to progress their skills, unless they choose to move into management. Future DomCare – eCare will create a mobile platform for virtual learning to increase domiciliary carers’ understanding of anatomy and physiology to enable them to use digital tools to undertake clinical measurements.

Their focus is to give social care staff the skills and confidence to use digital tools whilst working with their patients and to work collaboratively with doctors and other health professionals. In this way, they can be quicker to spot deteriorating health and prevent acute illness. In the long-term, this learning tool will enable learning and progression for staff, enhancement of social care services and better outcomes for the people they serve.

The Discovery Phase was enlightening in understanding the needs of users, and their desire to stay at the ‘coal face’ of the profession, but better skilled and with more prospects. Barking and Dagenham College are working with Care City as key delivery partners for this project.

You can listen to a review of the project below.

The app is now available from the Google Play App Store.