Game-Based Learning

BHA (British Hospitality Association)

The hospitality sector has a very young workforce - many working in small establishments with little access to training. The British Hospitality Association, representing over 40,000 hotels, restaurants and clubs - wanted to explore how they could use digital learning to address the multiple barriers to learning faced by their members. Focusing on 18-24 year-olds, who form the majority of the workforce, they wanted to tap into the ways in which young people engage with technology.

It was decided to develop a proof of concept in the form of a mobile game on cross contamination. The project aimed to test the appetite of BHA’s small business members to use digital learning – as well as testing the effectiveness of using mobile game based learning for this young adult audience. A high quality mobile game was developed and tested with a wide range of BHA businesses, SMEs and larger employers. Available on Apple and Android, the game was both realistic and fun – failure to wash your hands gets a you a real telling off from the chef.

The project has met its original aims: BHA have learned a great deal about how to deliver digital learning and the game has proved an effective way of using mobile technology to change behaviour and increase vocational skills. The proof of concept is informing BHA’s strategic options, and will help them ensure the effectiveness of any future roll out of learning for their members.