Immersive Video workbook

Pembrokeshire College/

Immersive Video Workbooks (IVWs) enable learners to study a video and complete embedded assessments by inputting data (text/pictures/diagrams) at key points in the video.

Their responses are stored and tracked within Moodle. IVWs replace conventional workbooks with the advantages of enabling learners to return to relevant video clips endlessly and effortlessly until they have grasped the knowledge they need and of completing their assessments within the same video. Each IVW includes an edited mix of teacher explanations, practical demonstrations, interviews with experts, and relevant news items; and is built with the H5P interactive video editing tool. Pembrokeshire College built 10 IVWs and trialled them with learners and teachers on the CACHE L3 Child Care course. This highlighted the importance of including the right mix of different types of material to support learners to complete assessments. While there are plenty of useful videos online, crafting a video specifically to capture evidence for assessment purposes is more challenging but has substantial benefits.