Increasing confidence with personalised support for Functional Skills Maths

Maths Kitchen

Of the 700k 16-year-olds who take maths GCSE every year, around 190k fail to get a grade 4 or higher. They are subsequently required to continue studying maths until age 18, or until they gain a grade 4 GCSE or Level 2 Functional Skills. For those on apprenticeships (and other vocational courses) a Level 2 qualification in maths and English is mandatory. Many will take a Functional Skills qualification instead of retaking their GCSE. New approaches are needed to obtain improved results from students who were not successful first time around.

Maths Kitchen are developing their existing GCSE maths solution into a learning platform covering functional maths skills for adult learners in the vocational sector. The project will develop a mobile app and online platform for functional maths skills that will build a picture of a user’s ability, recognising and celebrating what they can already do, as well as identifying areas that need focus. This tailored learning journey could be shorter than traditional pathways, which will reduce the time taken to attain the qualification for some learners. The solution will continually assess learners' abilities and provide intelligent, personalised recommendations in response.

The team will be developing additional learning content and adapting the existing technology for mobile use. They will ensure user-led design through regular engagement with learners and educators. The result will be a solution that builds learners' confidence in their own ability and allows them to see how they are progressing towards their goal, improving their confidence and motivation to continue.