Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA)


iDEA badges are short interactive online modules, created in consultation with industry experts that you can access for free. Participants take on a series of challenges to earn points which aggregate towards their Bronze, Silver or Gold Inspiring Digital Enterprise Awards. They can be done by independent learners, or in classrooms and workshops.

iDEA learners are incentivised to become digital all-rounders, with the opportunity to take their learning deeper into specific areas of interest by combining a series of badges. The platform aims to help to plug the UK’s digital skills gap, with content designed to inspire people to become digital citizens, workers, makers, entrepreneurs and gamers.

The different learning categories cover diverse topics including cyber security, cloud computing and e-safety, as well as animation, growth hacking, customer relationship management and web development.

The team is now developing the Gold Award level and aims to engage additional Partners from the worlds of business, industry and enterprise as an important route to accessing new learners and to make sure that Gold Award vocational badges are tied to skills needs.