Journey 2 Basic Skills


Imagine that you are highly skilled in your native language, but it uses a different script (e.g. Arabic or Cyrillic) which makes learning English to be able to work a huge challenge. Journey 2 Basic Skills plans to enable learners to grasp English phonemes, the alphabet, numbers, handwriting skills and digital skills - all on their mobile phones.

Using animation, graphics, audio and games learners progress from level ‘A0’ to A2 on the Common European Framework for languages. By combining visual creativity, imaginative learning styles and appropriate technology the project addresses a gap in the market for adult learners who need to improve basic English literacy skills to enter and progress in the workplace.

A second group of learners who often face barriers to employment are young native English speakers who do not have the literacy and numeracy skills to enable them to access job opportunities or further training and who will similarly benefit from this adaptive, gamified approach.

The project has worked closely with City College Glasgow to develop the concept and with a wide range of partners throughout the UK, including the Education and Training Foundation, to trial the beta version of the software.