Mobile training and support for field workers


The project is testing a new approach, pushing patient’s details from an online Care Diary system to a learning platform which will select and deliver appropriate, bite sized training modules to care workers in advance of their visit to the service user.

It aims to provide personalised, task related just-in-time training and job aids to field workers via apps on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Training can be online/ offline and used as preparatory training and onsite job aid, using Agylia app- based technology. This will enable workers to download content and access it off-line – which will be useful if they have unreliable internet access when working away from their base. The content will be in the form of easy to use, short (2-4 minutes) video and animation-based learning modules which have been created in a form optimised for mobile use. This will provide practical, relevant, accessible and educationally effective field support at low cost to large numbers of workers across multiple sectors.