What they do:

MyPocketSkill was launched in 2020 to address the decline of opportunities for young adults to gain financial independence and find skilled work activities.

The platform helps support young people to earn money, establish savings goals and become more employable and financially capable.

How they make impact:

MyPocketSkill connects young people with businesses and households to complete paid tasks such as tutoring, social media management, music coaching, digital design and other digital tasks. In the process it delivers short financial education videos to nudge young adults towards better financial skills and behaviours.

MyPocketSkill, has also partnered with the Department for Education to help deliver digital T-Levels as an opportunity for plugging the digital skills gap.


Ufi invested in MyPocketSkill in April 2023 alongside London Business School’s E100, the Capital Angel Network, SyndicateRoom EIS fund, and a group of angel investors.

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