Passport To Employment In Healthcare

City Of Glasgow College

As of March 2020 there was an estimated 43,000 shortfall in nurses across the UK. Some of these positions could be filled by qualified professional from overseas or qualified immigrant healthcare professionals living in the UK.

The aim of this digital vocational training course is to provide non-native English speaking healthcare professionals with engaging, flexible and high quality training which will enable them to obtain the language and skills needed to pass the mandatory Occupational English Test (OET) and start employment within the health service.

The solution will enable them to improve their spoken and listening skills in authentic scenarios in real time. This project will give learners the option to study online, utilising an innovative tools and software, to create a user journey which focuses on communication skills and maps to the learning outcomes required to pass the OET.

Building on the Ufi supported KLIK2LEARN platform, learners can study at their own pace, either using the tools and technology to guide them on the learning pathway or via a Tutor Supported option which will offer a blended approach.