Proof of Concept: School of Sharing

Library of Things

The School of Sharing is a platform aiming to offer training for people looking for purpose-driven work with a social conscience.

Focusing on the ‘circular and sharing economy’ where more is reused and recycled, digital training will be produced by Library of Things and existing partners such as Bosch and Kärcher. The initial research and programme with volunteers highlighted the positive impact on learner confidence, a critical issue in terms of post-covid recovery.

Within this 12-month project, Library of Things will prove the concept for School of Sharing by producing two learning journeys for its job applicants/ local recruits across its locations, around Community Activation and Electronic Appliance Repair/Maintenance. Hosted on an online platform, these journeys will be peer-produced, weaving together milestones, content, self-assessment, peer feedback and accreditation. In addition, it will define training needs among similar community-powered enterprises e.g. toy/tool libraries, makerspaces, bike/laptop repair, to see how the School of Sharing could also benefit them.

The funding from Ufi is focused specifically on building a digital platform for the creation and sharing of learning content. The LoT currently has contracts with 8 London authorities to recruit/train local people and to kickstart the skill-sharing service with a further pipeline of UK councils who have expressed an interest. This project will create a more sustainable digital platform which will be more replicable and more easily accessible.