We were trying to find a way to overcome frequently faced motivational barriers when learning a language

Ziad Dajani, Playlingo

Readable is fun. And that’s really important when you’re working with adults who have not had a great experience with language learning up to now.

Readable is an app designed to help adults learn workplace and general English. It targets those in the UK whose first language is not English and need to improve their skills to access work or build their careers.

This project will test the effectiveness of entertaining, short-form texts in improving general and vocational language skills. Readable does this by offering learners short bitesize chat stories in English with support for sectors such as retail, construction and food. But they are stories with a difference, written to entertain as well as teach.

Readable supports learners by combining stories at the learners’ level with a word memorisation tool and builds on research into the powerful effect of reading for pleasure on language proficiency.

The project will create the Readable MVP with 25 1,000-word stories. It will also produce an authoring tool and dashboard to monitor key metrics including conversion, retention, and engagement as well as words read and new words learnt.

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