Wild Skills

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How do you learn the skills needed to work professionally with wildlife ? And how can digital learning make the process better?

Wildlife skills is a nature conservation vocational skills training package, delivered remotely into a learner’s own environment. Through the loan of wildlife survey equipment, supported by access to enriched online training materials and live training broadcasts, learners can take the time needed to gain competence in specialist professional skills. Those might involve safely catching and monitoring specific species or tracking wildlife in its natural habitat.

This blended approach means that learners can practice and demonstrate their new skills remotely with expert online support. Their experience is enhanced by contributing data to citizen science networks and uploading examples of their work to an online platform to increase community knowledge and share experiences with other learners.

It is planned for this to lead them to quality assured recognition linked to endorsements from employers and professional bodies, either as ongoing CPD for those in the profession or as a way of demonstrating competence for employability.

Man attaching a wildlife camera to a tree

A Learner's Story

Earlier in the year, one of the participants of the Effective Camera Trapping course shared her experience with us.

Read about Ana's journey on the course, why she chose to take part, and how beneficial it was to fit the learning around a busy lifestyle.

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