Talent Tracker

Game Academy

Take a closer look at the skills of the future, forecast by the likes of the World Economic Forum and McKinsey, and video games fast turn into an extraordinary harbour of hidden talent. Strategy games like Civilization encourage an understanding of processes. Multiplayer online battle games like League of Legends are good at encouraging teamwork. There are many other correlations, not least between games and ‘meta-skills’.

The vision of Game Academy is for the UK’s 30m+ players of video games to make an invaluable contribution to the growth and productivity of our economy.

This project will create the first point of entry of game players to a service that will bring a vital new supply of technically-minded, digital-first talent to the labour market. Game players will share their gaming profiles, e.g. on Steam, Playstation and Xbox platforms. The tracker will then give insights into their skills traits, potential occupations and core motivations. It does this by looking at data such as game choices, traits, time played, achievement and tags, and processing the data with the support of Game Academy’s datasets, proprietary and other databases, which will be enhanced during this project.

The Tracker integrates with a larger service that includes online skills courses and signposting to educational and employment opportunities.