Tech learning for Fashion

Fashion Enter

Technology can help bring alive important skills and safety training in traditional sectors.

A major skills gap was identified by Fashion Enter for garment construction and the required technical skills to create garments to the correct client spec. The industry fails to attract newcomers and relies on imported labour mainly from the EU. There has been a net decrease of these workers into the UK and this has had a damaging effect on the revival and growth of garment manufacturing in the UK.

Fashion Flyers interactive resource, within a blended learning programme, will create a bridge for learning that can be remotely accessed. Building on an existing ABC accredited Level 1 Textiles award, parts of the complex technical units will now be embedded through interactive videos.

An interactive resource will be based on the learner understanding how to set up and use industrial sewing machines correctly and safely. Using existing machinists, the script will be developed to ensure that a wide cross section of common mistakes or unsafe practices will be videoed that can be identified by the learner. In order to identify each mistake, the learner must touch the screen at the appropriate place to answer the question correctly.