Tech For Textiles

Blackburn College

The new technologies that are emerging provide opportunities to make learning more engaging and make acquiring new skills easier. If you can see something in real time, it can often make sense much more quickly.

Blackburn College and local employers are working in partnership to develop new approaches for training skills in the Textiles industry. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), this project looks to bring core training manuals to life, that illustrate working practices and enable learners to continue developing their skills at a pace that works for them.

Having identified three key areas where skill development in this sector need to be addressed, AR and VR have been identified as possible solutions for developing an interactive learning package. Learners can immerse themselves remotely in the workplace, building their understanding and experience of their potential future job role and improving perception of the modern textile industry.

The new approaches will also enhance in-classroom learning by providing support to teachers and allowing learners to engage in more self-driven learning sessions. Building a bespoke technical solution and making learning accessible from learners’ own devices will improve engagement, understanding and employability.