Unqualified healthcare workers access to nursing assistant apprenticeships

University of Derby

The UK’s non-registered healthcare workforce, typically employed as Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) and in the broader private sector, are largely ‘hidden’ to the vocational learning sector despite their potential to address a pressing skills deficit. This project aims to help HCAs move into a Trainee Nursing Associate apprenticeship by providing a route to better engage or re-engage with vocational education.

The project will be a new application of an existing games-based learning technology - Applio - a cross-platform content development and delivery environment that reduces the complexity of delivering games-based learning. Learners will access a series of integrated modules focused on the pain points that deter them from accessing a Trainee Nursing Associate apprenticeship. The support will cover the end-to-end process from becoming aware of the opportunity, developing confidence to apply, reactivating dormant skills and creating new functional skills, application completion and onboarding.

The solution is orientated towards collective learning, generating the ability to ‘play’ together. Disconnected learners can participate in peer support networks to build confidence and resilience, and also engage directly with existing professionals. The project will focus on content design and development and development of analytics to show progress. The end result will be a community of learning drawing on peer support to grow learner confidence and skills to progress into Nursing.