Vocational Game-Based Learning


There is increasing evidence that people can learn more effectively using games or gamification of content.

Creating good games-based learning (GBL) is costly and complex. Although there are games creation tools on the market, it remains largely the domain of professionals. This project aims to solve that problem by providing content and tools to allow low cost GBL development. The project will create a simplified version of the underlying games authoring tool that can be used without specific technical skills and that will bring GBL within the reach of smaller organisations and employers.

This project is a partnership between Applio, who are specialists in designing and developing game-based learning and Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMet).

The GBL resources it creates will be aimed at improving the professional skills of young learners entering the workplace, in areas such as situational judgement, communication, problem solving and team working. These will replace current approaches where learning is delivered face-to-face through expensive, labour intensive workshops or through e-learning which often proves to be less effective. The partners will collaborate to create digital games-based learning resources which will provide learning experiences similar to those of face-to-face workshops.