Covid-19 Response

Explore how projects supported Ufi responded to the immediate need to address challenges introduced by Covid-19

Part of Ufi’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic was to put in place support for immediate need of the vocational learning sector in the UK.

We did this through a focused funding call VocTech Now and sector-specific funding for FE, through our VocTech Partnership programme.

Through VocTech Now we supported more than 30 organisations across the UK during this period.

The impact of all of this work is nothing more than remarkable and it is believed that more than one million people have benefited as a result.

VocTech Now Case Studies & News

VocTech Now

During the VocTech Now funding it was announced that Ufi have now funded over 200 projects since day one.

You can discover more about all of the projects supported by Ufi VocTech Trust on our projects page which can be filtered by sector, organisation type, location, funding call, and more.