Ufi Ventures and Tyton Partners

Investment breakfast

21st March 2024

Ufi Ventures and Tyton Partners are convening a small group of investors in the VocTech and "Future of Work" sector to discuss the opportunities and challenges across the landscape as we head into the second quarter of 2024 and beyond. The event forms part of an ongoing series of investment breakfasts.

Our March event is scheduled to coincide with the latest edition of our joint annual report covering key developments and trends in the sector. The meeting will feature a brief presentation of the report's key themes, followed by a roundtable discussion of what attendees are seeing and thinking, under "Chatham House Rules".

The meeting will take place between 8:00am and 9:30am on Thursday 21st March. Location as detailed in the invitation.



8:00am - Breakfast.
8:30am - Round-table discussion.
9:30am - End of round-table discussion. Option to stay and network.
10:00am - End of breakfast event.

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About Ufi Ventures

Ufi Ventures are the UK’s specialist investor in EdTech for adults; giving people and businesses the skills needed for work, now and in the future. We are the investment arm of Ufi VocTech Trust.

Leveraging our experience in the development of vocational technology to build adults' skills for work, we invest our own capital in early-stage companies looking for seed investment.


About Tyton Partners

Tyton Partners is a dynamic advisory firm focused exclusively on the education and human capital management industry, offering both strategy consulting and investment banking services. Based in the US and Europe, the Tyton Partners team has deep expertise in supporting and creating sustainable financial vehicles for those interested in the Future of Work.


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