Announcing the GoodTech Ventures Community and Accelerator

Unlocking tech innovation for public services

Ufi is pleased to announce a new cross-sector partnership to nurture new and emerging tech solutions for social and public service delivery .

GoodTech Ventures

Introducing GoodTech Ventures

The GoodTech Ventures Community and Accelerator will make it easier for early-stage impact-led tech ventures to design, build and deploy game-changing digital technologies into social and public service delivery.

42% of civil servants believe that their department lacks the tools, resources and skills necessary to utilise technology in transforming public service delivery a recent government report has revealed. This programme will support founders to scale their ventures and navigate the complexities of social invocation, in turn facilitating digital innovation in the sector and supporting more social ventures to thrive.

GoodTech Ventures Community and Accelerator will be delivered by Catch22 in partnership with Social Tech Trust and Unity Ventures with over 700k of funding and support from Ufi, Microsoft and the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. The programme will support and develop the most promising transformative tech solutions to design, build and deploy game-changing digital technologies into social and public service delivery.

The programme has two core features of support:

GoodTech Community – providing “always-on” venture support through an open community platform, helping early-stage founders prepare for scale.

GoodTech Accelerator - working with 30+ SMEs to provide intensive innovation and go-to-market support.

David Hinton, Senior Venture Partner at Catch22, says:

"As we embark on this exciting journey with the support of our valued partners, we're deeply committed to addressing the unique needs of early-stage impact-led tech ventures. This new partnership ensures that we can provide the tailored support, resources, and connections.”

Helen Gironi, Director of Ventures at Ufi VocTech Trust, says:

"At Ufi, we have seen first-hand the transformative role early-stage startups can play within public service delivery. We are really pleased to be able to continue our support of Catch22’s work and the development of the GoodTech Ventures Community and Accelerator.”

Continuing our Strategic Partnership

GoodTech Ventures is the latest phase of collaboration between Ufi and Catch22, a multi-year Strategic Partnership designed to mobilise the power and energy of tech ventures to drive reform in public services.

Our work together builds on the achievements of the Social Tech Amplifier launched in October 2022.

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