Ufi announce £1.5 million Impact Network + Grant Fund

Ufi are delighted to announce our £1.5m VocTech Challenge Impact Network + Grant Fund, a new approach to grant funding from Ufi.

Grants of £200k to £250k are available for organisations to refine and deploy tech-based approaches to tackling one of three crucial challenges to skills development in the UK:

  1. Employer integration;
  2. Pathways into and within work; and
  3. Vocational language barriers.

Applications open on 11 June
, and close on 8 July 2024, with pre-application workshops available to book now.

Introducing the VocTech Challenge Impact Network

We know that solving these challenges will not be easy. That is why successful applicants will join our VocTech Challenge Impact Network, bringing together a network of stakeholders already actively tackling barriers to adult learning as part of our ongoing VocTech Challenge: Skills for an Economy in Transition programme.

The network of organisations will work alongside each other as part of an active, expert-led programme designed to create connections, share knowledge, test assumptions and accelerate adoption and deployment.

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Part of the VocTech Challenge: Skills for an Economy in Transition

The VocTech Challenge Impact Network + Grant Fund forms part of our VocTech Challenge: Skills for an Economy in Transition, a multi-year programme of funding and work in partnership with Learning and Work Institute.

Explore the Impact Network + Grant Fund

Our grant call for projects that address the VocTech Challenge. Grants of between £200k and £250k.