Confident Communicator - Autonomous AI-based immersive training at scale


Overcoming confidence issues by using VR to practice communication skills

This project looks at how a virtual approach can help younger adult learners overcome barriers in confidence and motivation in order to improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills .

Bodyswaps will be working with FE students at Sandwell to further test and develop VR based communication training simulations. Previous deployments confirmed the need and appetite for such a solution and identified the crucial importance of personalised feedback particularly for learners lacking in confidence.

Students will practice their communication skills (clarity, confidence, assertiveness, emotional intelligence. The focus of the training simulations will be on public speaking - increasing student's confidence to speak in public in professional (work-related) context).Learners will act out, with their own voice, realistic workplace public speaking scenarios in Virtual Reality. Feedback will be given by AI-driven behavioural analytics.. Using VR provides a safe environment for learners to refine their skills, allow self reflection and feedback to pinpoint areas for improvement.

By the end of the project Bodyswaps aim to have tested Confident Communicator with 50-100 test learners. They aim to demonstrate how their communication skills and confidence have increased, and how learners are now ready to apply those skills in a real-life professional environment.