Building the Digital Capability of ACE Providers


Digital ACE is designed to support Adult and Community Education (ACE) providers on their technological journey, helping to develop digital capability to enhance their offer to learners, while still maintaining their learner-centred and high-quality approach to adult learning.

A short review of existing activity will identify good practice, existing technological tools and solutions in use and collect the views of providers on the issues they face and what they think the priorities should be.

Holex will work with educators to help develop content for the following six areas: Underpinning Technology, Developing Materials, Quality Assurance, Safeguarding and Prevent, Supporting Low Skilled Learners, Provider Policy. Following this Holex will organise and run 6 online tutorials, accompanied by written guidance, and drafted in a form that can be adapted and adopted by each service. A group of experts and mentors will also deliver 50 bespoke advice and guidance sessions to individuals and/or services on developing digital solutions in an ACE setting.