This project aims to provide a solution to the problem of high dropout rates in UK apprenticeship training. Currently, 500,000 people start each year, but only 70% complete their apprenticeship. With apprenticeship numbers set to increase rapidly, WhiteHat want to reduce the dropout rate by using machine learning to better match apprentices to employers at the outset.

The project will also take a new approach to the training process, with ‘best-in-class’ e-learning content and a virtual network to facilitate peer mentoring, empowering apprentices to talk, comment, rate, and explore learning together. The platform will intelligently match a very diverse range of apprentices with high-quality opportunities and enabling apprentices to create a digital profile of their skills and experience. Together with compelling learning content, WhiteHat hope to position apprenticeships as a genuine alternative to university, open-up closed careers for which HE has been the traditional entry point by making opportunities visible and accessible.

In 2021, Whitehat rebranded as Multiverse.

Person using mobile phone to explore career opportunities platform