Contextual Maths

Learning Science

It’s true for most of us that the maths we learn in school seems very remote from what we need when we enter the workplace. But in many technical jobs complex calculations are an important part of the daily routine.

Learning Science’s existing Smart Worksheet system supports undergraduates taking science-based courses to develop maths skills. The existing Smart Worksheet system helps with understanding of multi-layered calculations and analysis of different data forms. This project will build on this proven technique to develop tools to support newly recruited apprentice engineering technicians with the maths skills they need for the workplace.

The project will research the training needs with the steel company TATA, working with their learners and vocational training staff, and use this research to create context specific Smart Worksheets and test how they work on-site. The project will also create a new analytics system, to report and document learners’ progress, strengths, weaknesses and competencies.

The goal is that engineering technicians joining companies from school will gain support and understanding of their maths skills, any new skills they need to learn and how to apply those in the workplace.