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How Do I?

How Do I? aims to make the workplace more accessible to differently-abled people and make vocational training better for everyone by improving delivery of workplace learning.

Research with employers uncovered ongoing challenges in workforce development, particularly around ‘how to’ skills that need regular reinforcing, and showed high demand for video, mobile and micro-learning to build these vocational skills. To meet this need the project will develop a content creation platform for employers to create their own instructional video content, without the version control and other issues associated with platforms such as YouTube.

Combining this with an app will enable ‘just-in-time’ workplace learning. The videos will be triggered by NFC (contactless) stickers placed at relevant points around the workplace and accessible to employees using mobile phones. The user-led nature of the system makes it ideal for people not wishing to publicly ask for additional training to be able to repeat learning until they have comfortably acquired the skill.

The product is aimed at employees working on the shop floor in industries including retail, hospitality, logistics and manufacturing, which have high staff turnover and large numbers of temporary or agency workers and where staff are at risk of being made redundant through automation.