Firm Foundations Digital

National Numeracy

Many UK adults have low levels of numeracy which affects their performance at work and limits their employment options. To use numbers and data in the workplace with confidence, people need the foundations which support understanding.

National Numeracy demonstrated how using physical apparatus in classrooms could help build basic ‘number sense’. The challenge underlying the Firm Foundations Digital (FFD) project is to develop a digital equivalent of physical games with shapes for use in or out of classrooms. FFD is testing whether adults can be helped to develop number sense through digital ‘games with shapes’. Digital tech enables learners to interact in new ways and to learn where and when it suits them. National Numeracy is researching and identifying the basic aspects of ‘number sense’ the games need to address; and designing, testing and adapting the games to demonstrate proof of concept. Once completed the prototypes may be taken to market or form the basis of further development.