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Elize Star Nails

While beauty salons and nail bars are established on high streets across the UK there has been a reduction in the number of nail technology courses available at colleges for learners wishing to study NVCs in nail technology. In addition, the increasing use of non-specialist beauty tutors and the limited provision of ongoing support has led to a lack of engagement with learners, frustration, discouragement, and increased drop-out rates.

The project will build a mobile app that will help learners to develop the specialist skills they need to develop a career in the nail industry.

The app will provide training using a range of methods including video tutorials, livestreamed workshops and social media tips, all accessible on a mobile phone. By designing the content to be accessed from a mobile app the project will put the learning content directly into the hands of the learners in a format they are comfortable with, and which offers highly accessible support.

A critical objective for the project is to build community around the app which will help learners at varying skill levels and points in their careers; from new-starters to experienced technicians looking to improve their job security and career progression. Unlike currently available online training in this sector, the app will provide ongoing support, frequent updates and views on current trends.