PlanIT, DesignIT, ConstructIT

Construction Industry Training Board Northern Ireland (CITBNI)

CITBNI are creating a scenario-based construction project that aims to improve learners' soft skills. Using VR learners will form part of a construction team building a footbridge, practising their life and employment skills as well as learning technical skills in a safe virtual environment.

Feedback from employers to CITBNI indicates that the acquisition of practical skills is less of a problem than an individual’s lack of life skills. This scenario-based project will develop a prototype AR application aiming to improve vital life and employability skills, through a construction-based challenge.

The project centres on a virtual construction project, a new footbridge, with each learner assuming a role in the delivery of the project.The prototype immersive training application will deliver learning outcomes which are applicable to all sectors, in life skills and the six employability skills most sought after by CITBNI members:

  • Planning & organisation
  • Research & using information
  • Interpersonal
  • Strategic & business thinking
  • Communication
  • Leading & managing people

Aimed at NEET learners the immersive training environment will enable participants to develop and gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses, and equip them with the skills they require for varied career choices.