Project Flight Path

Rubitek Solutions Limited

Apprenticeship dropout rates in the UK are persistently high and the qualification achievement rate has continued to fall over the past 5 years. In 2021, 43% withdrew early or failed. These drop-out rates impact female, black and minority ethnic apprentices disproportionately and are often highest in industries that are suffering skills shortages. Research shows that many learners who disengage display multiple warning characteristics over as long as 6 months before they withdraw. The societal impact of non-completion is a concern, with real costs to individuals, employers and society as a whole. Non-achievement impacts long-term motivation and is linked to learning behaviours such as work and challenge avoidance.

Rubitek Solutions Ltd have an established cloud-based platform for apprenticeship management. This project will develop and test new functionality to spot the early warning signs of learner disengagement to help providers get learners back on track. The work completed will comprise of a predictive analytics tool for apprentice employers and training providers to predict likely learner attainment and identify opportunities for earlier interventions by those teaching, mentoring, and supporting apprentices. The tool will visually plot likely learner attainment trajectory and show apprentices their distance travelled, detect potential gaps in learning over the lifetime of the apprenticeship and identify potential moments of disengagement to inform more timely interventions. Stakeholders will be better informed so that they can take the action needed to prevent early leavers, minimise non-completions and reduce costly end-point-assessment retakes.