Robot Trainer: AR & VR Robot Training Platform

Jaguar Land Rover

The project has developed a new augmented/virtual reality learning environment that displays fully interactive 3D models of `real world` industrial robots on mobile tablets and within the immersive HTC Vive.

The models provide a realistic training experience, presented as though the trainee is looking at the actual equipment directly in front of them. The learner is able to view important functional components, interact with key features, understand key health and safety considerations and undertake a simulated 40+ step repair procedure utilising the required tools and spare parts.

This demonstrator has been collaboratively developed and trialled with over 15 partners within the UK automotive supply chain. Through increasing learner engagement and hands on access to equipment, this innovative technology can support the training of the next generation of robot technicians, allowing a kinaesthetic trial-and-error approach to learning within a safe, cost-effective environment.