Signs of Life


Knowing what to look for when a patient or care home resident is ill can make all the difference in their long-term recovery.

Signs of Life is a game for nurses and healthcare workers to learn medical observation routines. The game is played out in a hospital ward or care home, with patients to be observed and decisions to be made. Players record a patient’s vital signs and, as changes in patient’s condition happen, they need to decide if and what intervention is required.

To make the experience realistic, the player is interrupted by everyday events and must deal with these distractions whilst keeping track of the observation cycle. The game can be played in short sessions to fit around players’ busy work schedules and to emulate the practical reality of observational procedures. The full game will have levels with escalating complexity of clinical problems that need prioritisation, when several problems occur simultaneously.

The project will work with The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, The Royal London Hospital and the Medex Group (care home training providers) to test and evidence that it provides effective, safe learning.