Skill Bursts: Gamification to validate skills and create career pathways

MiFutureGroup Ltd

Learning should be an enjoyable activity, but all too often people have had a negative learning experience that makes them averse to learning as an adult. Puzzles are the most popular genre of gaming apps in the UK with 32% of mobile gamers finding puzzles appealing to learn something that can benefit them outside of gaming. There are particular skills gaps in areas of Wales where a hyper-local solution is needed to address the serious basic skills challenge. Bringing the needs of local employers together with a puzzle game methodology can help to address both issues.

MiFuture will develop ‘Bitesized Pick up and Play’ skill games for problem solving and creativity. The gamified approach will make learning fun and interactive whilst reducing the learner’s anxiety of failing. Skill Bursts are designed to improve skills and cognitive performance through playing the right type of games, based on a methodology proven to foster long-term retention, with a content aligned to local growth sector needs. The program consists of games designed to exercise the soft skills and basic skills employers need - digital skills, creativity, problem solving, flexibility, literacy, and numeracy relevant to work. Learners will improve their skills each day with engaging puzzles, to help them learn at the right level and pace, and unlock new levels while gaining new skills. They will form a habit of skill learning, with game-like features, fun challenges, reminders, quizzes, progress tracking, feedback, and career nudges.