SkillTractix: The future of construction work-based learning logs

YFOR (Skout Skills Hub Ltd)

The construction industry is grappling with outdated methods for work-based learning, relying heavily on paper documentation. This makes it challenging to engage learners, manage and assess learning effectively, and track skills efficiently. Such inefficiencies lead to poor analytics and training that doesn’t meet certification requirements or business needs, ultimately affecting learner engagement and retention. There’s a clear need for an integrated, collaborative, and employer-led digital solution.

SkillTractix aims to redefine work-based learning by digitising and streamlining the process. Their user-friendly digital platform will replace traditional paper-based systems for logging, evidencing, and assessing skills. This will simplify tracking and managing learner progress, making the process more transparent and straightforward for learners, supervisors, and end-point assessors. Learners will benefit from an easy-to-use digital interface that allows them to update their progress and request assistance, enhancing their engagement and understanding of their learning journey. Supervisors will benefit from a simple framework to implement training and provide timely feedback, improving communication and ensuring training aligns with educational requirements and business operations.

YFOR is uniquely positioned within Northern Ireland's construction industry to develop and test this innovative feature, potentially sparking significant change across the sector. Leveraging our YFOR platform and sector-rich skills taxonomy, SkillTractix will offer real-time tracking and AI-driven personalised learning tailored to specific job roles in construction. This provides a comprehensive solution for employers to track and assess learning and skills effectively. SkillTractix will streamline the process of implementing, supporting, and tracking the progress of apprentices and trainees, making vocational learning more relevant and applicable to their jobs.