What they do:

The UK hospitality industry faces significant challenges to recruitment and workforce development. Although many people are attracted to working in hospitality, traditional recruitment processes are slow, outdated and expensive and career pathways unclear.

Slinger is on a mission to transform hospitality recruitment, supporting people to find quality work and develop their careers in the hospitality industry.

How they make impact:

To help hospitality staff find their next job, Slinger has replaced traditional CV's with video submissions, provides a frictionless route to signing-up, and only lists job opportunities paying a UK Living Wage or above. Shifts are claimed on the platform within an average of just 60 seconds.

Slinger is also focused on helping people move into hospitality and raising awareness of the variety of career paths available. To support career development, the platform is developing a programme comprising mentorship, up-skilling, interview preparation and work experience.


Ufi invested in Slinger in October 2023 as part of a £500k pre-seed funding round led by Fuel Ventures with co-investment from Resolution Foundation, Cornerstone VC and angel investors.