Solutions 42

Infection outbreaks are like fires, they don’t happen frequently but when they do, the situation is an emergency. They require dealing with promptly and effectively, to prevent catastrophic outcomes of avoidable deaths.

Emergencies like these require practicing actions and developing the skills necessary for containment before the situation arises. This is what project ‘Spotless’ aims to do.

The ‘Spotless’ project intends to use scenario-based e-learning, contextualised to the learner’s environment (in this instance a care home) instead of just producing compliance e-learning. The learner will find themselves having to immediately decide how they are going to manage the hygienic care of a resident and the surrounding environment, when that resident has vomited in a communal dining area (catchily titled Doris throws up).

Not only will this engage the learners mentally but also collaboratively, as they will begin to consider their local policies, systems and processes as well as the part they play in the outcome and within the team. The learner can choose as they are going through the scenes at what point they wish to access additional learning resources such as video tutorials, job aids, reference links and other guides.