Supercharging learner motivation by using AI to transform Initial Assessment


Learners taking English and maths GCSE resits (or functional skills) after a less-than successful experience in school is hard – both for the learner and the teacher trying to motivate and support them. Learners currently face an initial hard-coded assessment which emphasises what they can't do and reinforces feelings of failure. CENTURY aim to change that by developing a personalised pre-learning intervention that will use AI & machine learning to personalise the assessment questions. The platform will understand the learner’s working level and then link through to recommended courses and learning resources specific to the learners needs; thereby creating a much more positive and kinder user experience.

CENTURY is the tried and tested intelligent intervention tool that combines artificial intelligence with the latest research in learning science and neuroscience. It creates constantly adapting, personalised pathways for every student and powerful intervention data for teachers.

Having worked with a large number of FE colleges, CENTURY has identified major deficiencies with the delivery of current compulsory Initial Assessments (IA) that students take when enrolling. These IAs determine the courses that students will take, yet existing IAs are often blunt and inaccurate instruments. Current assessments are based on documenting students' failures with the result that students often end the test demotivated and ‘embarrassed’ about their ability.

This project will take CENTURY's prototype for personalised adaptive assessment through the next stages of design, development and deployment, leading to a fully adaptive version of initial assessment.

Innovation is clearly needed across the whole area of assessment, and this project has the potential to demonstrate how smarter digital technology can improve the accuracy and experience of the process.