Home Achievement Academy

AIM Group

Many social housing tenants are far removed from the labour market, benefit dependent and currently unable to progress towards learning and employment.

AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group are partnering with The Home Group, a UK social enterprise and housing charity with over 116,000 tenants of which 26,000 are ‘supported’ and relatively housebound. These ‘supported’ tenants find accessing standard learning provision difficult or virtually impossible. Many ‘non-supported’ tenants are reluctant to attend traditional settings due to barriers such as confidence and health. There are around 4 million social rented households in the UK who could eventually benefit from this type of learning.

AIM Group will create an online blended learning platform where social housing tenants can access learning directly from home. The platform will host a range of short courses made available to tenants entirely online, leading to online assessment and accreditation. Video content and careers information will give exposure to unfamiliar working environments, helping to raise ambition and support personal development. An online classroom will provide engagement with other learners and support from tutors within the social housing partner to provide ongoing encouragement to the tenants.

The learning platform will help increase the confidence of tenants and support progression towards traineeships, apprenticeships and work. The online/anywhere access will allow them to take the training in a time and location that suits their needs.