Tripping The Thames

BLTK Consulting

Did you know that the tidal Thames is the UK’s second largest seaport and busiest inland waterway for freight and passengers? With an urgent need for more commercial river pilots to allow an increase in freight traffic, digital learning could be the key to unlock the capacity of the waterways.

This project will create a VR (Virtual Reality) simulation of the Thames based around a 360° video which enables learners to study the river. There is strict regulation of workers using the river and training currently takes 270 hours to complete, which this hopes to reduce.

This tool will have embedded information on key features and provide learners with immediate, safe access to the river at any time, without having to wait for an available vessel or tide. The user will be able to point to specific items, revealing further information drawn from traditional two-dimensional charts and tidal stream data, to provide a personalised guide through their river journey.

Using digital technology, the time required to experience frequent river journeys is greatly reduced, with significant reduction in the cost of achieving ‘time to competence’ and necessary qualifications and an increase in the rate at which new workers can join working river vessels.