Using Tech to Embed Learning


Cost and connectivity can be real barriers to learning for those in remote settings and reduce the successful completion of learning.

Working with manufacturing employers, the proof of concept phase of this project tested and piloted the application of low-cost digital technologies to help improve learner engagement, retention and outcomes. Learners had direct access to bite-sized learning on a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), via handheld devices. Content, aligned to the manufacturing apprenticeship standards, was accessible in the workplace, triggered by QR codes on equipment or smart posters using AR (Augmented Reality) content to enrich the experience.

The next phase of the project will create an easy-access platform, available to training providers in the Engineering and Manufacturing sectors, optimised to use low-cost VR technology, such as Google Cardboard, and the creation of 360o immersive videos.

The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) has over 800 members and the learning from this programme will be used to explore whether the approach can be used in a range of other non-manufacturing and service sectors. Partner Gen2 has 900+ apprentices, which gives a solid basis for both evaluation in the testing and rollout phases, and to measure a resulting impact on learning.