Zenvideo: video notetaking for rapid skill development

Leapian Ltd

Online content is increasingly being delivered using video. However due to its linear nature, using video to learn can make absorption of content, and consequently learning, difficult and inconsistent. Videos are also difficult to search and to extract key points. As a result, learners may remember key content in videos only vaguely, with no easy or efficient way to access and recall information.

The Zenvideo project aims to address these challenges by building a solution that transcribes all spoken text in a video so that learners can quickly develop a personalised, organised learning resource.

Transcripts will be fully searchable with the option to add notes, take screenshots and add bookmarks and highlights for the points a leaner has noted while watching.

When a learner needs to recall information and apply skills at work, they can immediately access a body of organised information, making skill development more effective.