Ufi-supported Maths Kitchen win 'Ahead by Bett' award

A huge congratulations to Ufi-supported Maths Kitchen for winning the ‘Ahead by Bett’ award.

The Bett Awards celebrated the creativity and innovation of technology for education on the evening of 24th January 2024. Maths Kitchen were selected as winners from a panel of judges renowned for their experience and knowledge of ICT educational resources.

Maths Kitchen won the prestigious 'Ahead by Bett' award for their new web-based platform for Functional Skills Maths teachers and learners.

Maths Kitchen Bett 2024

After winning the award, James Willmott, Director and Co-Founder of Maths Kitchen, told Bett:

“We really had not expected to win last night so it was a great surprise. For the hard work we have put in over the last 2 years to be recognised by our peers and to receive the award surrounded by so many amazing people involved in the world of edtech was fantastic.”

James also posted on Twitter/X:

“What a night - we only went and won! ‘Ahead by Bett’ award winners Huge thank you to Ufi for their amazing support - we couldn’t even have started the journey without them.”

Maths Kitchen

Ufi supported Maths Kitchen in 2021 as part of the VocTech Challenge: Levelling up learning. Maths Kitchen FE sits alongside their existing Maths GCSE platform and covers functional maths skills for adult learners in the vocational sector.

Their project with Ufi involved developing a mobile app and online platform for functional maths skills that will build a picture of a user’s ability, recognising and celebrating what they can already do, as well as identifying areas that need focus.

This tailored learning journey can be shorter than traditional pathways, which reduces the time taken to attain the qualification for some learners. Find out more about their project with Ufi here.

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