Self Injury Support

Dealing with customers and service users displaying challenging behaviours can be difficult without the right support. Emotivate will develop a game-based app to enable front-line support staff working in a range of sectors to better understand and work with these challenges.

t is expected that the introduction of flexible, accessible learning in this area will lead to increased staff confidence, lower burnout and lower levels of relationship breakdown with clients, the net effect of which is to improve productivity.

The app will apply real life examples to their learning, improving personal resilience and building on knowledge using a modular approach. The approach brings together skills development, knowledge and reflection on personal practice in an app which will be accessible anytime, anywhere and can be completed in small segments.

The app will benefit learners by supporting them to develop improved skills in supporting clients who behave in challenging ways. There is no training currently available to deal with this specific issue, which is an increasing problem in many settings.