VocTech in Action

Ufi-supported projects as a catalyst for change in vocational education

Our projects

On this page you can explore what some of our projects have done in response to Covid-19, see videos of VocTech in Action, and find out how organisations we've supported are acting as a catalyst for change in the way skills for work are accessed and developed.

You can also view more Ufi-supported activity in our VocTech Directory.

Covid-19 response

How have Ufi and the VocTech Now projects responded to the pandemic?

VocTech in action

Videos & Case Studies of VocTech being used effectively to improve access to education & skills for work.

Catalyst for change

Championing VocTech's capabilities to act as an engine to drive change in how we learn and access employment opportunities.


    Someone in a coffee shop using tablet computer to look at learning materials

    Harnessing digital technology to support childcare practitioners

  • iDEA

    Lady using tablet computer resting on arm of chair

    Introducing iDEA. An innovative digital badging platform.