The Future of Work is now. What do we need to make it work for us?

Join us to explore The Future of Work as we prepare for the panel discussion at the Ufi VocTech Showcase 2021.

A perfect storm of factors has changed the way we work. What skills are necessary to thrive in this ever-changing environment?

How is technology opening up diverse talent away from “the centre”?
How are learning and development leaders assessing and improving their own employee skillsets?
What would they like to see more of from developers in the training space?
What business models are funding workforce development?
And how can the sector help to ensure equity of opportunity to avoid repeating the isolation of workers in deprived, coastal and rural areas, but this time online?

Join the discussion on Wednesday 17th November

As part of the Ufi VocTech Showcase we'll be exploring how we can seize the opportunity and build the culture of the new world of work; using technology to connect, upskill and provide access.

Panellists for the discussion include:

Explore the Future of Work

The following Ufi Voctech Trust funded projects offer new ways to think about the future of work across various learner settings.