Harnessing the potential of digital to meet the skills requirements of the future

Insight, funding and support from Ufi VocTech Trust


Wednesday 25 May 2022, from 11:15 until 13:30
Voco St David’s Hotel, Cardiff Bay

Join Ufi and stakeholders from across Wales to explore how digital technology can transform skills for work and hear how Ufi is supporting organisations to drive forward its development and uptake.

"Wales must be ready for the future. As a nation we will prepare today to meet the skills requirements of the future so we can harness the full potential of emerging technological developments. Wales is a dynamic and innovative nation, already at the forefront of new technologies and committed to staying there.”

Digital 2030: A strategic framework for post-16 digital learning in Wales.
Welsh Government.


11:15 - Welcome and introduction to Ufi VocTech Trust

11:30 - Panel Discussion

Accelerating the adoption of digital technologies in vocational education in Wales

12:15 - Showcase and networking lunch

Meet stakeholders from across Wales and try out some of the digital solutions that have been developed with Ufi support

13:30 - Close


Panel Discussion

Accelerating the adoption of digital technology in adult learning in wales

The nature of work is changing and with it the nature of adult vocational learning. At Ufi VocTech Trust, we share the Welsh Government’s ambition to integrate digital technology across post-16 education and training. Join us to discuss progress towards this ambition and what more can be done to accelerate progress.

With the release of the Digital 2030 framework, the Welsh Government set a clear benchmark: to transform learning by seamlessly integrating digital technology across post-16 education. Ufi shares the belief that a tech-enabled adult learning system has the potential to improve skills and the economy, for the benefit of individuals, employers and society as a whole. This session will explore how this transformation is progressing and ask:

  • What has been learnt from the journey so far and how can we accelerate the pace of change?
  • How are educators and training providers preparing for new modes of teaching and learning?
  • Can we scale solutions, tools and techniques that work?

Our panellists are:


If you are involved in improving skills for work - whether in a community, local government, educational or business setting - we hope you will join us to make new connections, strengthen existing relationships and explore the funding and expertise Ufi can provide to improve skills for work across Wales.

We look forward to meeting you.

Rebecca Garrod-Waters
CEO, Ufi VocTech Trust

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About Ufi VocTech Trust

Ufi believes passionately in the power of digital technology to help people gain and maintain the skills they need for work. We call these technologies VocTech (Vocational Technology), and we support their development through grant funding, venture investment and advocacy.

To date Ufi has supported 240+ projects, awarded over £23m in grant funding and invested £3m in mission aligned start-ups.

Our upcoming grant fund, VocTech Seed, opens on June 15 for grants of between £15,000 and £50,000.

Explore some of the organisations Ufi has supported in Wales

You can view all 240+ projects we have supported in our VocTech Directory.

  • Audactive (previously Cognify)

    Download Audactive thumbnail

    Enabling learners to listen to documents and respond with voice-to-text.

  • Virtual Librarian


    Increasing engagement with library resources through online chatbots.

  • Construction Toolbox

    Pontydysgu logo

    A fully scalable, mobile learning platform for students, apprentices and workers in the construction industry.

  • Marco The Writing Support App

    Bridgend College logo

    Motivating vocational learners to improve their spelling and grammar skills.

  • IoT Pods for Workplace Training

    Coleg Sir Gar

    Screen casting for flexible training environments.

  • Immersive Video workbook

    Pembrokeshire College logo

    Immersive Video Workbooks enable learners to study a video and complete embedded assessments by inputting data at key points in the video.